Meet our volunteers

VISO has set September the month of volunteer recognition and appreciation because we acknowledge how important it is to take a moment and put them on the spot light.

 We recognize the contribution for their passion for social good over the years. We know that they often do all the amazing things that further our mission on top of their daily work schedules and often sacrificing social time. We believe that leadership and personal development only comes through passion and willingness to devote the best and for the vulnerable and deprived section of our society. We treat this as a crucial part of new talent development and impact sustainability.  


Meet our volunteers

We recognize their contribution to the organization through voluntarism and passion for their work to bring social change among the people we serve. 

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Genevieve kayenyparwoth

Project support (2019,2021)

Reagan  R. Ocan

VISO - Project development (2018 - 2019)

Caroline Amony

VISO - Media and Communications (2019)

Abby Murphy

VISO - New project development (2020)

Albert Masaaba

VISO - Human Resource (2020-2021)

Godfrey Odonga

VISO - Project support (2020-2021)

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