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The world’s sustainable development goal number 13 aims at taking appropriate actions to combat climate change and its impacts. Climate change and variability affects every facet of a country’s economy, its socio-economic wellbeing and a major precursor/driver for conflicts related to limited/access to natural resources.


How prepared are African states to face the negative impacts imparted by climate change and variability?




We have already witnessed Climate changes  through droughts, floods, varying temperatures and rainfalls and sea level rise.


Climate change is a complex problem; the definition of the problem being very difficult and its solution is one that has everyone chasing for an answer. VISO applies proactive and holistic approaches to combat the challenges presented by these changes.


We develop climate change information management system and early warning systems to promote policy advocacy, implementation to improve socio-economic wellbeing of communities in the region. 

Foggy Forest


  • Increase knowledge and information on climate change and climate variability for response planning and sustainable development. 

  • Building Capacity for Ecosystem-based Adaptation

  • Promote nature Conservation and protection through policy advocacy, climate-smart approaches and community-based behavior change communication.

Short and long term goals on Climate adaptation 

  • Improve knowledge on climate change /trends in Uganda while taking in consideration the regional context.

  • Improve community access to information on climate change for behaviour change and environmental protection through appropriate climate information services (CIS) to households, entities and the general public. 

  • Model future climate projections in the different regions of Uganda to support evidence for future forecast and adaptation strategies to the changes.

Climate change and variability is already affecting the wildlife. It's already the main source of conflict with humans in communities living near game parks / reserves. 

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