Youth Empowerment BULGARI Project

2017 - 2021.

Project aims at improving employability and social economic livelihood of youth between 12 - 20 years in Northern Uganda. Area of focus is on personal development, Education and training, Economic empowerment and Adolescent Sexual and reproductive health. 

Social Project for Engagement and Action for Community Empowerment (SPEACE)


Project aims at community violence prevention through social justice approaches with the power of the media. Areas of focus include capacity strengthening , civic engagement, harnessing art and cultural activities for peaceful co-existence.

Speed SchoolsProject

2017 -2019


Aim of the project is to increase access to quality  education including infrastructural development. The project support school retention, promote livelihood and sustainable education in the post conflict communities in northern Uganda. 

Youth Initiative for Empowerment and Livelihood Development  (YIELD)

2013- 2014


Project aimed at  supporting socio-economic livelihood among recovering communities in northern Uganda. Focus included skills development, Sexual and reproductive health, agricultural development.

Promoting  Wildlife-human relations along game reserves. 

2011 - 2014


Project aimed at improving community participation in animal protection in Nwoya district. It aimed at equipping the community leaders and partners with knowledge and skills in wildlife conservation. 

Conservation of nature including Extractives


The project aims at promoting community participation monitoring the management of oil and gas resources in the Northern Albertine region.  

Climate Action


The goal of this project is to promote access to information, sustainable practices, advocacy and innovations to promote nature and biodiversity. 

Our Partners

We do cherish the relationship we have developed during our existence. 

When it comes to our mission, we take on opportunities that always turns out to be impactful to the beneficiaries. 

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